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Where to ride a camel in Dubai?

Dubai is a total mix of a cultural and modern vibe, and it holds some iconic activities for everyone visiting the place. These activities include visiting beaches, going to deserts and malls, and enjoying thrilling hair-raising activities. Apart from all this, you must not miss out on the camel ride. Camels are known as the best desert travelers as these ships can travel without food and water for several days, and roaming around in the deserts or beaches of Dubai on a camel’s back is fun for people of all ages.

Camel riding in desert safari:

A camel desert safari ride will begin with a journey in a 4×4 vehicle, in which you arrive at the desert. And after enjoying the activities like dune bashing, and quad biking, you go to the Bedouin camp, and there you choose the activities of your choice. Whatever you choose and wish to do, you will be provided with guides that will give instructions about do’s and don’ts at every step.

The camel ride is the most smooth and calm in the desert. You can enjoy all the beautiful sceneries of the desert and photograph them while enjoying the slow and steady walk on the camel. You must wear light, comfortable clothes while on the camel desert safari ride.

  • Morning desert safari tours;

If you are a morning person, we recommend a morning desert tour on camel too. It will allow you to loathe the dawn scenes appearing over the desert’s red dunes and mesmerize the viewers. Visiting these places is always a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so no stone of joy should be left unturned.

  • Camel ride at Jumeirah Beach Residences;

It is the best activity for tourists with no flexibility in schedules due to their busy routines. They can ride a camel at the beach where no pre-booking is necessary. All they have to do is talk to the staff present on site to entertain you with a ride on the fully decorated ship of the desert. Although it will be quite expensive, still is preferred by foreigners visiting Dubai on official tours and have no extra hours to go to the countryside.

  • Dubai desert tours:

It will be a ride with platinum heritage as you will visit the whole flora and fauna of the desert on an extended camel back. During your ride, you will also have a short stay at a campsite where you will be served refreshments like Qehwa, dates, shakes or juices, etc. You can also take photographs wherever you want to be stopping at different places, and you will enjoy the hospitality of local people during the journey.

  • The camel Farm:

Recently a camel farm is also established outside Dubai, where you can enjoy the package of your choice ranging from small rides on desert tracks to full desert tours. You have to pay according to the package you are availing of. This step was well appreciated by the tourists who never liked to indulge in other activities at the beach or site.

  • Camel Races and Beauty pageants:

Camel races are also held in the desert. Seeing these four-legged friends on the race tracks is a sight. These races are held mostly in the mornings, and tourists enjoy these kinds of shows. They reach the site before time and pet the camels before they compete on the ground. Taking photographs of these creatures is also common among visiting folks. Different beauty pageants of the camels are also held, and prizes are distributed among the winners, which are taken seriously. This beauty contest is held every year in December.

Safety measures for the camel ride:

A camel ride is not recommended for kids under five years, and if you are riding with a baby, you must hand him over to someone else while getting on or off the camel’s back. This practice will make their experience less terrifying. For longer rides age of a child must be more than ten years. Please do not go immediately after a meal as the ride is associated with sudden movements and always try to stay calm and friendly with camels during the journey.

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