Overnight Desert Safari

Desert Safari Deals & Packages 2021

Overnight packages do not amaze many tourists when booking from elsewhere. It is since they do not carry more activities apart from random options. To help such tourists and future travelers, Holiday Desert Safari takes the mission to offer some great options in a single fine deal. Our Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai is unmatchable with the options we have on offer. At first, you will enter the desert in the evening and this is where the fun begins for you. We do not just focus on camps and local activities alongside the traditional ones. Rather we bring you great riding options followed by local entertainment, something that is rich in this part of the world.

When the tourists enter the desert, we offer the following rides so they can begin the overnight stay perfectly and with great adventure.

  • Camel riding is ideal for children and younger ones with a quick tour of the nearby places along with the camps
  • Quad biking for solo travel fans gives great option to ride along the dunes but with safety through our guides
  • Sandboarding is a fun option for all to experience a new thrilling entertainment in the sand

All of these rides come for our guests so they do not miss an early morning adventure and they find good rides before enjoying the entertainment.

Our local entertainment is rich and great to experience. We do not bring simple or selected options for you. Rather our packages come with a blend of different activities. And this is what we have in terms of activities at night for you.

  • Live musical performance on local music and tunes. Belly dance is another popular thing that will follow alongside the music.
  • You can observe great scenes when the sun sets along the golden dunes offering a picture-perfect scenario
  • Finally, you will find a great dinner and a fine Arabian breakfast the following morning


Includes: Self Arrival Parking,
Night Stay In Desert in Hygiene Blankets & Tents + Breakfast.



Includes: 4WD Hotel Pick-Drop, Evening Entertainments, Dinner, Night Stay In Desert & Breakfast.

OVERNIGHT with atv bike


Includes: 4WD Hotel Pick-Drop, Evening Safari, Self Ride ATV Bike, Dinner & Night Stay + Breakfast.

overnight desert safari premium package

All In One Overnight Package (AED 375)

Includes: 4WD Pick-Drop, Evening Safari, VIP Dinner Services, ATV, Private Night Stay + Breakfast.

Overnight Desert Safari Schedule & Timings

Desert safari lasts about 16 hours from around 03:00 Pm to around 07:00 Am.
Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai has 45 minutes of evening dune bashing, Camel Ride, Entertainments, Dinner & Overnight Stay In Dubai Desert with Tents, Mattresses & Hygiene Blankets, Breakfast along with other camp activities.

Overnight Desert Safari Schedule & Timings

Self Arrivals

Starts 09:00 PM

Ends 07:00 AM

Other Packages

Pickup 04:00 PM

Dropoff 07:00 AM