What is The Best month To Visit Dubai?


Dubai is a city famous for advanced architecture lively, nocturnal activities, luxury shopping, and vast deserts. The sea of sand dunes hides much of southern Dubai and ultimately leads into the desert.


Dubai is a sparkling oasis surrounded by boundless deserts on the coasts of the Persian gulf with flash and glamour to spare Dubai attracting its tourists like a magnet. Dubai is a picture of a flickering city rising from the hot sandy waves of the Arabian desert.

Rain or shine, hot or cold we are here to tell you what the weather and calendar of Dubai are and help you make a decision.

So are you ready?…. Your vacation awaits!!

DUBAI IN SUMMER (June –august):

Dubai is one of the greatest global cities in the world and you should experience it at least once. Dubai is straight away recognizable.

  • Weather:

Sun unleashes on Dubai during summer. Wave after wave of flickering heat streams the city for the whole day. The humidity and dampness continue to escalate during summer.

  • Temperature:

The air temperature during the season of summers fluctuates between 33°C-42°C. The temperature goes beyond the fifties in these months.

  • Significance:
  • One of the biggest reasons people like to travel to Dubai during these months is 6-week long shopping and many other entertaining activities.
  • Coupled with the fact that the tourist has attracted tax-free shopping and sales.
  • Not only related to clothes you can find amazing steel and architecture.

DUBAI IN WINTERS (November –March):

Dubai has become a popular tourist destination with glitz and glamour Dubai draws in tourists like a magnet.

  • Weather:

Most tourists visit Dubai due to pleasant weather conditions during this season. The coolest portion of the year comes as a blessing and relief for the people. The season also sees mild rainfall and rare thunderstorms

In short, this is the best climate to visit Dubai.

  • Temperature:

During the season of winter, the temperature fluctuates between 17°C-30°C.

But the temperature in November to a soothing 25°C. The sun peeps its head out in January but humidity continues to stay low

  • Significance:
  • Dubai is brimming with entertaining events during this season.
  • In the month of November, a festival of Dubai design week is kicked off.
  • The city is flooded with celebrities in these months.
  • January brings tourists a new year celebration across the city which is also followed by grand Dubai shopping festivals.
  • The enthusiasm continues to remain high with the Dubai Marathon which brings the finest athletes to the sparkling city.


With temperatures during summers, most outdoor activities are restricted. Festivals are not held due to extreme weather conditions. However, the city doesn’t shut down entirely. Sand storms whip their way into the city making it difficult to move around.

On the other hand, winters offer the best temperature and climate to make tourist vacations exampling. This season allows you to move around the city and enjoy being outdoors.

Take advantage of the climate and visit Dubai Desert Safari in the spending winters.

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