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Know about Dubai Garden Glow Park

Dubai is the most populous city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the second largest emirate in terms of land area after the capital, Abu Dhabi.

Whenever we hear someone say Dubai, the first things that come to mind are its lush shopping malls, a stunning skyline, and vibrant nightlife. We all know Dubai as a global shopping center and a place with many attractive places, such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Palm Islands, Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari and many more. It has been among the top choices for visitors who want to spend an exceptional vacation here.

Here is a new attraction in the heart of UAE that has been opened as a landmark to show off Dubai’s attractions and provide relaxation and entertainment for visitors to enjoy the city. On top of this, there are lots of other beautiful spots which are suitable for tourists too and can find their way around easily it is a wonderful trip for anyone who is looking to live Dubai’s Life.

Dubai Garden Glow:

6th season’s Dubai Garden is the perfect place to spend time in Dubai, just for a different reason. The first thing I was looking forward to was the evening and the atmosphere of the parks would be full of vibrant colors and wonderful energy. The lights, landscaping decorations, and beautiful trees will bring out an amazing vibe all year round. The next weekend when not-so-sunny skies will make the gardens look even more stunning.

Dinosaur Park And Other Facilities:

Dubai Garden Glow is the most unique glow-in-the-dark park including the biggest dinosaur park that displays hundreds of animated dinosaurs. This Park has been divided into several sections on the ground floor including various areas like shopping, food court, arcade, restaurant, and the main playground area with more than 30 different activities you can choose from. There is also an entrance for you to enter the amusement park itself and so let us take a look at what the Park is all about.

Entry Fee:

The ticket for Dubai garden glow is available at a very reasonable price, Their entry fee is 65 AED per person.

Things That Keep You Entertained:

Dubai garden glow park offers an amazing view of the bustling Dubai streets and city

The main focus on the front lawns of the Gardens Glow Park is creating an indoor dining atmosphere in which customers can eat or drink while enjoying the day or relaxing in the fresh atmosphere. While sitting nearby they can watch fireworks, just relax and enjoy your meal with your loved ones and let them see what’s happening in the world at any time.

Ice Park:

There is also an ice park in Dubai glow garden where you can go and take advantage of their artificial cold weather as the climate of Dubai is extremely hot so people visit the park to have a cold and comfy environment where they click pictures and have relief of all the worries.

The Beautiful Fountain:

In the middle of the park, there is a large fountain that shows the real nature in full view and creates a place where people can feel safe and sound like they are on holiday.

Dance Floors, Cinema, Mini Water Pool, And Others:

Dubai Garden Glow Park offers various exciting experiences such as games, dance floors, a museum, and an underground movie house. There is also a mini water amusement pool and rides which has plenty of space to have fun and enjoy both indoors and outdoors. It allows you to experience what life could be like in Dubai without leaving the comfort of your own home which is exactly the best part about visiting the parks because once you leave you can enjoy the rest of the day in the easement.

Light Show:

There are some beautiful places which you can visit including the light show at the glow garden and see in the side of the parks as well. You can watch the fireworks, shop for flowers, get a bit closer to nature, enjoy the views, enjoy our favorite foods, and much more. This has a great view which is very popular among tourists as many travelers like seeing the real Dubai through what we would see here.

3D Artwork:

There is also a 3d artwork where people come to enjoy and click photographs near the artwork and cherish the unique experience they were having.

Location & Timings:

The timings are 4-11 pm from Saturday to Thursday and on Fridays, the timings increase to noon as it is considered a holiday in Dubai. The location of Dubai Garden Glow Park is near Al Minaa Mall, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, and Fashion. For more information please visit their website and find all the needed details about the Dubai Garden Glow Park.

The Final Thoughts:

Dubai garden glow a park is a fantastic place where everyone feels calm and relaxed because every individual is given a chance to relax but are not only allowed but encouraged to perform their activities in safety and comfort. You can visit your favorite spot, go for a cup of delicious coffee or snack with friends or simply go out of your way to spend some quality time and have fun with your family. If you enjoy traveling then this would be the perfect spot for you and I for sure think you would love going here and if you don’t want to travel then you shouldn’t even consider this place yet.

Dubai Garden Glow Park will be a great experience and a relaxing one to be able to enjoy every day for the whole week and for the next couple of months to come. You won’t regret going to visit the marvelous thing which is Dubai Garden, Glow Park.

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