Dubai Creek Park

When we think of Dubai, we only imagine sky-high buildings, various ingenious tourist attractions, and lush green spaces to soothe one’s mind and soul for all good reasons. Though you will find a multitude of parks in this desert city, Creek Park in Dubai is a less-known fascinating place to enjoy a day out with family and friends.

This extensive park is curled up in the central city of Dubai, where both Dubai residents and tourists love to walk through on their weekends to spend quality time at Creek Park. It is one of the oldest parks in Dubai and is located near the Umm Hurair area. These acres of vividly green landscape are also known as CreeksidePark.

Spanning over a vast area of 96 hectares, Creek Park in Dubai is an excellent hideout for nature lovers to sit back and be awestruck by the gripping beauty of this park with your loved ones.

There are fun activities more than one could ever imagine installed in this park for everyone from ecologists to adventure enthusiasts. Just to give you all an insight, you will find here Halipads, Children City, Dubai Dolphinarium, pre-installed barbecue stations to enjoy food with scenery, a Golf club, a cable car ride, a Kid’s play area, botanical gardens, a first aid room, and restaurants available in Creek Park in Dubai. It sounds like a lot of fun for everyone, right? So, let’s get into more details and learn the amazing facts about Creek Park in Dubai.

Facts About Creek Park in Dubai:

You will be surprised to know that Creek Park is the second-largest park in Dubai. It is one of the oldest parks, opened in 1994 in the bustling city of Dubai. The vital thing that makes Creek Park unique is its location, as it stands out proudly on the shore banks of Salt Creek. Creek Park provides a good deal of adrenaline activities and attractions for every age group to relish your weekend with loved ones.

Well-maintained lush green gardens, breathtaking views, and cool breeze from the sea make precious moments enjoyable with your near and dear ones. Appealing flowery plants, wobbling palm trees, sitting areas with spectacular views, and a bounty of activities are there to fascinate you at Creek Park in Dubai. Each activity in this park has its unique charisma and worth. While adults can have an adventurous bike ride, children can have fun activities in the Kid’s play area, and families can sit down for a picnic or watch play on the theater screen.

Creek Park Dubai provides you with countless options to spend your best time here. Below are some popular facts about this park categorized to help you get the maximum dose of entertainment during your visit.

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Creek Park Dubai Location:

Creek Park in Dubai is located in the Umm Hurair district, popularly called the heart of Dubai, situated between Bur Dubai and Deira, where hovering bridges make it easily accessible.

If you are lodging in Bur Dubai, only a 15-minute drive can lead you to the Creek Park location. The park expands from Al Maktoum Bridge to Al Garhoud Bridge, which makes it accessible from various public spots.

●     Metro:

  1. Dubai Healthcare City is the nearest metro station to Creek Park, approximately one-third mile away from the entrance. Being part of the GreenLine, it gives easy access to the park and takes almost 24 minutes to reach Creek Park.
  2. Oud Metha is another nearest metro point for the Creek Park in Dubai. Creek Park is only 20 min away from here, so it’s easy to take a bus or hire a cab to reach this destination before long.

●     Buses:

Just in case you prefer to travel on bus C07 Service from Abu Hail bus station to Dubai Healthcare City close to Dubai International Airport. This route especially passes through Deira and Bur Dubai, making it a much easier option to land up at the park.

●     Car Parking:

If you are planning your trip in the comfort of your car, there is no need to worry about car parking. There are three parking spaces for the convenience of visitors. One car parking option is available on the Northern end of the park. Another option is in the central area of the park. And if you are especially planning for Children City and Dubai Dolphinarium, Southern end parking is for you.

●     Entrance Gates:

For tourist convenience, Creek Park in Dubai has five entrance points.

  • Main Entrance Gate 1 provides easy reach to the Dolphinarium and Children’s City.
  • Gate 2 Entrance from the southern end car park for the Dolphinarium and Children’s City.
  • Gate 3 is near the central area installed on the main street for tourist ease.
  • Gate 4 on the Al Maktoum bridge is easily accessible for visitors coming through Metro.
  • Gate 5 at Al Garhoud bridge and Al-ittihad road. Easy entrance from the Northern end car parking.

Creek Park Dubai Timing:

Dubai Creek Park opens up daily to provide you with a superb opportunity to enjoy a lush green sanctuary and splendid activities.

Creek Park Dubai timing from Sunday to Wednesday is 8 AM. to 10 PM. From Thursday to Saturday or on Public holidays, the timing is extended from 8 AM to 11 PM. In the summer season, timing decreases from 5 PM. to 9 PM. And during the blessed holy month of Ramadan, timings change to 9 AM. to 11 PM.

Pro Tip:

If you want to avoid crowds, visit the park in the early hours of the day, and you can grab the nearest parking place. Cheers!

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Enjoy the Dolphin dive:

Creek Park Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the best and most unique experiences for adults and kids. Tremendously trained bottlenose dolphins perform different playing tricks like jumping through hoops that will leave unforgettable memories of this notorious mammal. Creek Park Dubai dolphin Show is a must-watch that even lets you enjoy feeding the dolphins here. If you are lucky enough, it would be an incredible experience to see the dolphins swimming with their apostle.

There is also the opportunity for you to share the water with dolphins under the supervision of experts. Not to forget, Seal is also here to entertain visitors with their innocent tricks and naughty moves. If you are fond of learning new things, this show is for you as it furnishes particulars about dolphins.

In Creek Park Dubai Dolphinarium, there are 20 species of birds you can observe closely and get detailed info about them. The trampoline and mirror maze room are also part of the Dolphinarium to make good memories and enhance enjoyment. Therefore, visitors will often see school kids getting here to enjoy the dolphin show. Moreover, you will be pleased to know that Creek Park Dubai Dolphin show also hosts birthday parties. So, make sure you create catchy memories by planning your kid’s special day here. On top of that, 5D and 7D theaters vow to elevate entertainment levels and engagement to just the next level.

Tickets for Dubai Dolphinarium:

Adults: 75 AED

Kids: 45 AED

Timings: Monday to Saturday: 10 AM to 7:30 PM (Sunday close)

Creek Park Dubai ticket Price:

Creek Park in Dubai is super easy to approach and has reasonable ticket prices, making the venue accessible to everyone. A single-person Creek Park Dubai ticket price costs just 5 AED. As a token of gesture, the entry fee for toddlers under the age of 2 is free. More so, people with special needs can enjoy the breathtaking grassland with free entry.

Dubai Dolphinarium and Children’s City entry fees are separate. You can make payments for Creek Park Dubai tickets only through a contactless travel card named Nol card.

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Enjoy Infotainment at Children’s City:

If you are looking for a complete package of fun and learning for your curious youngsters, then Creek Park Children’s City is the right place to have it all. It is personalized for youngsters or teenagers to learn new things and get entertainment concurrently. It is a unique kind of learning hub at the inspiring meadows of Creek Park in Dubai. Children City has a planetarium, space exploration gallery, cultural gallery, and a play area designed for kids aged six.

Though this indoor infotainment spot makes the kids learn through different activities, adults can also join them for fun. Al Ajyal Theatre is here to make your time memorable with your younger ones.

Ticket For Children City:

For children: 10 AED

For Adults: 20 AED

Timings: Monday – Friday: 9 AM to 8 PM. Saturday & Sunday: 2 PM to 8 PM.

Creek Park Dubai rides:

Creek Park Dubai offers you a variety of rides to see captivating views and enjoy the beauty of the haven from a different perspective.

Bike/Cycle Ride:

You can explore the green spaces and innovative attractions of the majestic Creek Park in Dubai through leisurely bike rides or cycling. And guess what, you can get a bicycle without a hitch on rent for two or four to discover the flowerbeds and grassland of the park and enjoy this enormous opportunity to soak in the beauty of nature and make your time unforgettable.

Explore the themed park gardens and high-flown plants through a bike/bicycle ride, or burn a few calories by running on the track.

Cable Car Ride:

Have a unique bird’s eye view of the Creek Park through a cable car ride. You will be mesmerized by taking in all the beauty of the Creek Park in Dubai by a captivating 30-minute cable car ride. It goes 30 meters high in the sky and covers an area of about 2.3 kilometers, letting you witness the broad skyline of old Dubai and the high-rise buildings of Sheikh Zayed Road. Don’t forget to take beautiful scenic pictures of the park and surroundings for your next Instagram post.

Mini Train Ride:

Lest, if you have a shortage of time or feel too lazy to explore Creek Park on foot, then get the opportunity to hop on to the mini train without delay. Creek Park In Dubai train ride is an all-time favorite for adults and kids. It is the best option to see most of Creek Park’s beauty in a short time. This delightful ride is an excellent adventure to make memories with your family, kids, and friends.

Dhow Ride:

Let yourself indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime experience by getting a dhow on rent in Creek Park in Dubai. Despite the hustle of a busy worldly life, this wooden cab allows you to enjoy the calmness of the water, witness the appealing sunset, or enjoy the dancing waves of the seawater. You can also have romantic time with your spouse by having dinner under the starlit sky aboard a dhow cruise. And don’t forget to stroll on the nearby boardwalk.

Barbecue spot:

There is nothing more relaxing than deepening that cordial bond with your special ones by spending quality time with them in a serene place. Creek Park provides free preinstalled barbecue spots for outdoor dining to enjoy an open-air meal while gossiping with your family or loved ones. Bring your favorite barbecue items and fuel with you and enjoy a picnic in the Fresh air and beautiful scenery of Creek Park.

Ideal Place for Golf Lovers:

Golf lovers can avail the opportunity to play golf in the majestic Creek Park. It is an attractive spot for tourists to play mini golf and show off their skills on the 18-hole course.

Stop and Shop Gold in Creek Park:

Love for the yellow metal is irresistible, especially for females, and no one can deny it. Gold Souk in Creek Park in Dubai provides you with a bountiful variety of Gold available anywhere in the world. Whenever you visit Creek Park, get the chance to pay a visit to these gold shops and bring something new with you. Keep in mind to utilize your bargaining skills, folks!

Enjoy with Amphitheater:

The good news for screen lovers is that Creek Park in Dubai boasts a large stone amphitheater area. In this vast space, more or less 1,200 people can sit at a time, so this unique theatrical enjoyment is not something to miss out on.


Do not forget to avail the opportunity to visit Creek Park’s Planetarium. It is a perfect source of edutainment for everyone, where you can explore the wonders of space most thoroughly and expand your knowledge about the universe.

Bon appetit:

A day out is impossible without putting on some extra calories, and honestly, we don’t regret such cheat meals, right? Especially if you have a thing for seafood, this venue is where you should be to get the world’s best seafood. Creek Park in Dubai has plenty of restaurants that offer a massive variety of foods. Furthermore, you will be happy to see cuisine from throughout the world here. Just eat to your heart’s content, and don’t fear gaining some weight, it’s all worth it!

How to maximize your joy at Creek Park in Dubai:

Plan your tour:

Creek Park expands on a vast area. It is better to plan and prioritize your activities to have the maximum joyful moments out of the day.

Use Sun protection:

Don’t forget to bring and apply sun protection to avoid sun tan, as the Dubai shining sun is bound to affect your skin. Use sunglasses and hats to remain comfortable during your trip.

Be an Early Bird:

Arrive early to avoid crowds and enjoy more time exploring the Creek Park.

Bring picnic basket:

Plan your picnic basket wisely. Choose your favorite snacks and meals. So you can have a memorable and joyful time with your loved ones.

Stay Hydrated:

Don’t forget your water intake during your visit. You can bring your bottles and refill them from the park whenever necessary.

Visit Dolphinarium:

Creek Park Dubai dolphinarium is a must-visit place. Book your tickets beforehand and arrive early. So you can get seats in the show.

Prior Book to Swim with Dolphins:

If you want to swim with dolphins, then remember to be early birds and book tickets before the event. You will have incredible time and memories with 

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The Bottom Line:

Creek Park in Dubai is a wholesome place of fun for people from all walks of life. It is one of the most loved outing places in the heart of Dubai. Courtesy of all the free facilities and low cost, both adults and kids, no one feels left out in this landscape. It is the right place for adventure seekers, an excellent place for kids to learn and enjoy simultaneously, and a perfect picnic spot for families.

The natural beauty of Creek Park in Dubai, its clean and fresh air, is an outstanding place to get most of your day off. It is an ideal spot to spend an enjoyable and memorable time with your near and dear ones. Book your tickets right away and enjoy the unique and best vacation spot.


What is the entrance fee for Creek Park in Dubai?

The Entrance fee for Creek Park in Dubai is just 5 AED per person.

How do I get to Creek Park by Metro?

The nearest Metro station to Creek Park in Dubai is Oud Metha. The park is just a 20-minute walk away from the station. You can take a bus or cab to save time.

What is the timing of Creek Park?

From Sunday to Wednesday, it functions from 8 AM to 10 PM. For Thursday to Saturday, the timing is 8 AM to 11 PM.

What are the facilities available at Creek Park Dubai?

Creek Park offers facilities for all age groups. It contains picnic spots, pre-installed barbecue spaces, a children’s city, a dolphinarium, a cable car ride, a mini golf club, a kiosk, food stalls, walking tracks, dhow riding, play areas for kids, and a lot more for everyone.

Where is Creek Park Located?

Creek Park is on the edge of Dubai Creek and is located in Umm Hurair 2.

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