Creek Park in Dubai


The Creek park of Dubai lies on the edge of the city, and it serves as a bridge between the trading area of the sea and the Dubai Safari desert when it passes through the urban area of Dubai.

Something about Creek ParkCreek Park is the second largest in Dubai, covering vast acres of lawns, fully green gardens, and a play area for children to enjoy themselves. The park’s scenery is beautiful, and the cool breeze makes it a more enchanting place to visit when you vacation in Dubai.

Park was opened in 1994 and is among the oldest and the largest parks in the city and is built on the margin where saltwater creek lies. It is also connected to water and has three helipads to use in emergencies.

  • Timings and Entrance:

During winter, Creek park remains open for the whole day, i.e., from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, while the timing shrinks to 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the summer. Park has five gates, two of which lie on the Al Gharood bridge and Al Maktoum Bridge. Entrance fee for adults I s 5AED while children are free.

  • About the creek area:

The Creek park of Dubai is surrounded by shallow waters where various marine life exists. Fishing can be done here, and even you can rent a dhow to enjoy the area’s beauty while having a ride on peaceful water.

Reports say that this creek of Dubai played an essential role in establishing the economy of Dubai as it is the only harbor area of Dubai, so its importance and beauty cannot be neglected.

This creek park of Dubai is the witness of richness and prosperity that Dubai nowadays possess, and it has played a significant role in making it a great attraction for tourists worldwide. Gold is the most important export of Dubai, so if you are on a visit, you must stop and shop for yourself.

  • Restaurants in Creek Park:

If you want to enjoy seafood at a reasonable price, there is no better option than Dubai Creek Park. You can enjoy different dishes from around the world. You can have the meal of your choice by sitting in the combined mesmerizing view of the sunset and waters.

  • Dolphinarium of Dubai:

The Dolphin show is one of the best things you can enjoy in the creek. These dolphins make up and play with footballs to amuse their spectators. If you are visiting Dubai Creek Park with your children, then the time spent with sales and dolphins will be the memory that will stay in their minds forever.

Dolphin stalls are also there, which provide you necessary information if you want to swim in this cute mammal of the dolphinarium.

  • Children’s City:

Children’s city has a variety of hands-on learning activities for young children and even toddlers, which help them to spend quality time in the park. It has a technology center and geo park, which are of great interest for these young peeps and this also possesses a theater where children and adults both find their enjoyment.

  • Barbecue spots:

Cooking food by themselves and enjoying quality time with families is one of the best activities Dubai Creek Park provides visitors. These BBQ points are widespread across the whole park.

  • Mini train of Creek Park:

If you are running short of time, then it is best to ride a mini train and take a round of the whole park in less time. Riding on the small tracks is the best thing for children and adults.

  • Riding a bike and cable & cable car:

Creek park of Dubai allows you to ride in the themed flowery gardens and bike away from all your worries, and it never seems right that you visited the park and missed the bike ride. Even you can rent a big bike if you are along with your friends or family.

Ultimately, Creek park of Dubai holds something extra for its visitors. It covers 2-3 kilometers in a 30 min ride and gives you a chance to view the skyscrapers of Dubai. It also has a cable car to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the creek.

Last but not least, this Creek Park in Dubai provides the best entertainment at low wages and provides a chance for every tourist to enjoy time to their fullest. It is one of the best accessible and memorable places if you visit. For further information, you can count us on Holidaydesertsafari.

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