Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi is a glittering treasure of UAE where dramatic sceneries are everywhere, and no visitor gets disappointed on a visit. It has attractions that are nowhere else, and the vast desert of Abu Dhabi is a mystery.

Deserts of Abu Dhabi will introduce you to the true face of nature that lies in the deserts. Magical sunsets and the radiant sunrise add a star to their glory. So you should not miss a chance to visit it if you are in UAE.

 Abu Dhabi desert is quite the best in ranking the Dubai desert safari, offering a 6-hour tour to stay there and enjoy. The time can be planned according to your choice, evening or morning. Both have charm, but the evening tour is prioritized primarily for specific reasons. It is the best place to create cherished memories with your loved ones; the best thing about these memories is that they will never be forgotten.


  • Pick and drop
  • Camel riding
  • Sandboarding
  • Dune bashing
  • Quad biking
  • Photography
  • Water and tea when needed
  • Sheesha smoking
  • Henna painting

Pick and drop:

If you are not aware of Abu Dhabi, then no need to worry about it as we will give you pick and drop from your residential site, and it will always be on time as customer satisfaction is our priority.

To do’s of Abu Dhabi desert safari.

In Dubai Desert Safari, you can go for dune bashing, where you take a ride on a land cruiser and entertain yourself at the maximum. Dune bashing gives you a round of the Abu Dhabi desert in about half an hour.

  • Sand Surfing:

You have heard of water surfing, but here in the desert, you will experience sand surfing which is the best activity. You can ride a surfing board and take a ride over the sea of sand. You have to find a sloping place and hold on to yourself. Gravity will adjust all the remaining fun for you. If you are young, you, along with your friends or family, can do a competition as it will add a little more spark to the surfing time.

  • Camel Ride:

Camel riding is for people young and old who cannot go on dune bashing or sand surfing. They can enjoy the scenery of the desert while having a slow ride on the camel. This ship of the desert will give you a round of the whole desert. The advantage of this activity is that you can stop at various points and photograph yourself. Sunset is a treat if you are on the ride and it happens. You can also capture the moment, which is impossible in surfing or dune bashing.

  • BBQ Dinner:

If you have enjoyed all the activities in the Abu Dhabi desert, it is time for you to come to the campsite and have an exquisite meal. It is the finale of every tour to give yourself a treat. You will be welcomed with dates and coffee when you reach there, and then the meal will be served. The main course is the juicy BBQ which melts your mouth. But if you are a vegetarian, the feast of your choice is also available here.

  • Live shows:

Live shows like Tanoura dance, in which Sufi men perform slow Arabic music while wearing the same dress, belly dance, and fire shows are held regularly to entertain the visitors when having or waiting for the ordered meals. Fire breathing is most popular among kids in the fire show as they love seeing it. Stunts with fire are performed in an unrealistic way that kept the visitors in a state of shock. Fire theater and music shows are also famous. Different Arabic dancers perform belly dance which is common in UAE. This dance evolved from Egypt, and the costumes used are also of Egyptian style. Fire belly dance is also held in which the performers play with fire palms and fire swords while doing belly dance.

All Summed Up!

If you want to travel the desert safari in Abu Dhabi and want guidance throughout your full tour. Then choose the best holiday desert safari we have a team of people who will guide you and provide you with different services like camel riding, photography, henna painting, and much more.

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