What to wear to Dubai Desert Safari?


Visiting desert safari is among the top priorities for the tourist. This experience differs from the one you gain from seeing the architectural masterpieces, beaches, and various malls and theme parks in UAE. On return to the desert safari, people call it an extraordinary experience. They also add that despite being unable to participate in some activities, they had entertainment on the whole. Experienced people always emphasize proper clothing, which is among the major considerations when visiting a desert. So if you are in a line to visit Dubai, keep the dress code proper which is better than regretting later.

  • Dress code for safari visit:

Companies have tourists from all over the world in their groups, so it is not necessary to be modest. You wear anything you are comfortable with. Loose clothes are highly recommended if you plan to go on sand skiing and other rides. Women should keep their heads and shoulders covered as the afternoons are very hot in the desert and mornings and evening gets cold due to the blowing breezes.

The deserts are cold enough. They heat only when the sun is up. So select practical outfits for both the weather and if you are on an evening desert safari, you must keep a light jacket with you.

  • Personal wear for the desert:

Long comfy trousers and shirts are a choice of every age group, and stuff must be kept in linen and cotton. Very light and very heavy clothes are never a good decision. Just keep a hoodie or jacket with you as it will help you protect yourself in the extra hours of cold breezes in the mornings and at night.

For men visiting a desert safari, Wearing shorts is a priority, but it is not the best option for desert safari. The reason for this is they are not comfortable when tourists are made to sit in AC jeeps during their journey and even in dune bashing. Shorts can be proven problematic as sand will easily pass through them during sand skiing. Shorts can also irritate you during camel rides, so shifting to cotton pants is a good alternative.

You can also go for zip-off trousers that can be converted into shorts whenever needed.

For ladies, anything will be okay, whether it be T-Shirts or shalwar kameez, but they must go for full sleeves instead of T-shirts to protect them from the hot blazing sun. If they want, they can also go for skirts but wearing skirts during sand skiing, and camel rides can be problematic. Women must have a scarf or other wrapping around the neck to protect the face or hair. Long jackets, shawls, and sweaters are also recommended as the temperature falls during the night hours and will cause serious issues for the tourists on evening safari visits.

  • Footwear for desert safari:

While visiting desert safari, I always prefer tight boots, sneakers, and flip-flops as they are perfect for walking on the sand. The shoes will be best for the feet to protect them from the sand. These shoes will also be okay for dune bashing and sand surfing.

  • Extra Wears:

Don’t forget to bring sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Ladies are not recommended to wear make-up as it will cause sweating in the sun. Families with small kids must bring a towel, extra clothing, diapers, baby cream, and all other necessities.

  • Sun Screen and Lip Balm:

To protect yourself from sunburn, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Make sure that products are not too greasy or scented. Also, use lip balms to keep lips from cracking in the sun as the deserts are dusty and dry overall.

Lastly, please do not bring your valuable accessories to the desert to protect yourself from losing them. Also, ensure that the supplements you are wearing are not costly and have very little detailing. Remember that the Dubai desert is an awesome place, but as it is a desert, try to keep things simple so that you can enjoy it to the maximum and not regret it later.

All this information must be kept in mind while packing for the desert. Still, you can contact us if you are left with anything unanswered, as solving your problems is our priority.

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