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What Is Dune Bashing in Dubai Desert Safari?

The UAE desert safari is regarded as one of the most well-liked excursions since it successfully combines traditional Arabic culture with youth culture and infrastructure. This style of off-loading, also known as “Dune Bashing,” involves using an off-road vehicle to explore dunes, and it has grown in popularity as a tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. Most desert safaris offer a diverse perspective of the magnificent desert sunset as well as delectable Arabic cuisine. The desert safari package also includes oriental belly dance in addition to camel rides, traditional henna designs painted on guests’ hands, and all of the aforementioned activities. In this blog, we will discuss Dune Bashing.

What Is Dune Bashing?

Driving across dunes at varying speeds is known as “dune bashing” in Dubai. A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is typically needed to navigate the terrain because the sand’s surface is constantly shifting (SUV). You should prepare to stop to let the pressure out of your wheels. Because it improves resistance on unstable ground of shifting sand. It is a very thrilling, exciting, and adrenaline-pumping exercise. However, anyone who wants to practice dune bashing should exercise extra caution, safety, and safety measures. People who participate in this dangerous sport use SUVs equipped with roll cages and other safety features. The drivers lower the tire pressure to achieve the greatest traction. It aids in moving the car through the sand.

What Should Wear during dune Bashing?

Because you will spend the majority of the dune-bashing journey in the jeep, it is okay to wear flip-flops, light boots, or sneakers. There will be brief stops and breaks where you can get out and stretch your legs, take in the desert beauty, and snap a few photos.

How scary is dune bashing?

Certain first-time experiences are virtually always terrible. Consider the act of parachuting from a plane. a person performing it for the first time would undoubtedly be terrified. Therefore, any event or activity that forces you outside of your comfort or safety zone will be somewhat “scary.”

 It is sufficiently ominous, to put it another way, that pregnant women, kids under five, and persons with heart conditions are warned against partaking in this pastime. You shouldn’t go dune-bashing on a full stomach because doing so could cause severe vomiting when you’re riding this sand rollercoaster. This article will go through the risks associated with dune bashing and why some individuals find it too frightening to engage in this activity.

Cost Of Dune Bashing in Dubai:

The cost of dune Bashing in Dubai may range from 100 AED to 150 AED. Mostly It includes your Safari Package.

Famous Spots For Dune Bashing in Dubai:

There are three best spots for dune bashing in Dubai which are as follows.


Because the dunes are simple for novice and less experienced drivers to navigate, this area, often known as “Big Red” because of its red sand, is the most well-liked for Dubai dune bashing. The drive from Dubai’s city center takes roughly 45 minutes.


This area has some large dunes and calls for higher technical knowledge. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s not advised.

Liwa Desert:

The most challenging location for dune bashing is the Liwa Desert, the largest desert on the Arabian Peninsula. Here is where the majority of dune bashing stunt events take place, and this is also where the experts congregate.

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