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5 reasons why desert safari should be on your Adventure list

5 reasons why desert safari should be on your Adventure list

Dubai was developed with the oil wealth from its motherland, it exudes opulence. The young emirate is full of gleaming skyscrapers, architectural wonders, and entertainment and commercial hubs. However, the ancient desert and the conventional Arabian way of life are hidden under the flash and glamour. This region of the emirate delivers excitement, mystery, and the chance to learn more about Dubai’s core values. It’s your turn to leave your mark on the Arabian Desert now that so many others have done so. Here are a few justifications for booking a flight to Dubai and doing a desert safari tour!

What Is Dune Bashing in Dubai Desert Safari?| Desert Safari Dubai

What Is Dune Bashing in Dubai Desert Safari?

The UAE desert safari is regarded as one of the most well-liked excursions since it successfully combines traditional Arabic culture with youth culture and infrastructure. This style of off-loading, also known as “Dune Bashing,” involves using an off-road vehicle to explore dunes, and it has grown in popularity as a tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. Most desert safaris offer a diverse perspective of the magnificent desert sunset as well as delectable Arabic cuisine. The desert safari package also includes oriental belly dance in addition to camel rides, traditional henna designs painted on guests’ hands, and all of the aforementioned activities. In this blog, we will discuss Dune Bashing.

What Is Dune Bashing?

New Year's Evening in Dubai 2023| New Year Dubai

New Year’s Evening in Dubai 2023

Dubai experiences epic celebrations on New Year’s Eve, which include record-breaking fireworks on Burj khalifa and other star-studded Galas on different beaches of Dubai. Dubai offers something to everyone for enjoyment. If you also want to take an epic start to the new year 2023 with your loved ones, then you must pick some of …

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Morning Dubai Desert Safari

  Dubai is nicely-recognized for its desert safari experiences at extraordinary times of the day. It is generally become popular due to its vastness, the desert beauty, and the mesmerizing nature that a morning desert safari offers you to kick-start your adventurous day. Unlike different Dubai desert safari – Morning Desert Safari is the most …

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What to wear to Dubai Desert Safari?

  Visiting desert safari is among the top priorities for the tourist. This experience differs from the one you gain from seeing the architectural masterpieces, beaches, and various malls and theme parks in UAE. On return to the desert safari, people call it an extraordinary experience. They also add that despite being unable to participate …

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Creek Park in Dubai

  The Creek park of Dubai lies on the edge of the city, and it serves as a bridge between the trading area of the sea and the Dubai Safari desert when it passes through the urban area of Dubai. Something about Creek ParkCreek Park is the second largest in Dubai, covering vast acres of …

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