Evening Desert safari

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

If you are a travel freak, then there is no better option than a desert safari for you t as it will introduce you to a unique view of the world that you haven’t seen before. It will be an activity you will never regret in life, and you will share the memories with your friends and families when you return. Here we will tell you about evening desert safari, which is preferable in many ways compared to others.

 Evening desert safari is the most popular of all safaris because it has an entertainment alignment of packages that other safari packages lack. It allows you to enjoy different activities like sand skiing and dune bashing in the sandy land of desert safari. Moreover, belly dances, music shows, fire shows, and various cuisines are being ordered, like a B.B.Q. Dinner to add some charm to all of it. It lasts from 4:00 to 10:00 in the evening.

Inclusions of evening desert safari:

Pick up by 4×4

Sun Set Photography

Camel Rides

Belly Dancing (not during Ramadan)

Fire show and Tanoura show

Bar (On Payment basis)

Henna Painting

Hubble Bubble (Shisha) – (on payment basis)

Arabic Coffee

Unlimited drinks

Departure at 9.30 pm

Sand Skiing (additional charge)

Quad Bike (additional charge)

Activities to do in the evening safari

Dune Bashing:

Get on a 4×4 and go dune-bashing with a professional driver on an evening desert safari. This activity is ideal for adrenaline junkies; you’ll feel the rush as you drive up and down those dunes in the jeep.

Riding a Fat Bike:

Enjoy an evening safari ride on two wheels, or even better, a fat bike! You can explore the desert on these bikes with oversized tires designed for desert sand. There are fat bike tours that will take you around the desert for 5 hours, so if you’re feeling brave, try this type of tour!

Try out sandboarding

Sandboarding is a popular desert sport in evening desert safari. It’s always great fun to slide down the dunes on a board, so include it in your desert safari itinerary!

Horse and camel ride:

In Dubai desert safari, you’re bound to see camels so why not ride one? Camel owners will give you instructions on boarding a camel because they are known to be calm animals. Camel riding should undoubtedly be included in your Dubai desert safari experience.

Horseback riding across the desert is a similar experience to camel riding that lasts approximately 90 minutes and is accompanied by a guide. These kinds of experiences are one-of-a-kind and ideal for unwinding.

Quad biking or buggy:

Riding a quad bike in an evening desert safari will undoubtedly be an exciting experience. They show you how to operate the quad and outfit you with protective gear. You can also ride a buggy if you prefer something more comfortable.

After enjoying yourself to the peak, there will be a time to rest and treat yourself to some delicious and mouth-watery meals according to your choice, as many cuisines serve the customers there. Moreover, you can enjoy different shows while having meals like

Tanoura dance:

Tanoura Dance in evening desert safari is rich with talent and gorgeous multi-colored costumes that leave the viewer immensely entertained in a significant cultural component of your Dubai Vacation Packages. Sufi males, who spin continually, usually perform it for Sufi music. It’s also a highlight of Dubai desert safari tours.

Belly dance:

Belly dance is a dance that originated in Egypt. It includes belly movements. Because Egyptian cinema has evolved to take many forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style, Egyptian dances and costumes are the most recognized worldwide. They are a significant part of evening desert safaris now.

Fire show:

Different fire shows are also held during evening desert safari to amuse the visitors, including performance arts or skills that involve the manipulation of fire using different equipment designed to sustain a large enough flame to create a visual effect is commonly used in fire performances.

All Summed Up:

Dubai Desert safari will be a great experience and a relaxing one to be able to enjoy every day for the whole week and for the next couple of months to come. You won’t regret going on a desert safari in the Evening.

So that’s complete for the Dubai desert safari, and we hope you will find it quite helpful while planning your trip and prefer it over other safari deals.

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