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If you want to experience some thrill on your visit to Dubai, pay a visit to the Dubai desert safari, drive over the dunes, and enjoy activities like quad biking, sand surfing, and camel riding. Here you will also be able to get yourself introduced to the Arabian culture and delicious traditional meals. Some optional extras are also included in the package to go beyond the way to entertain the tourists. One such activity is the Belly dance, held at the desert safari regularly. It is an integral part of Emirati culture, so it should not be missed at any cost. While booking a package, make sure it includes belly dance. 

The history of Belly dancing began as a ritual before childbirth among the ancient people of the Middle East and was performed by women for women. But now its only purpose is entertainment.

  • Some facts about belly dancing:

This section is only for beginners who do not know much about belly dances, so some additional information is being discussed here.

     Belly dance is appropriate for people of all age groups as it is a recreational activity that can also be performed at weddings and other family functions.

     It is an Arabic dance developed in the Middle East and thus given the belly dance name by the western people residing there. It is deprived of any religious significance.

     Different types of folk and Egyptian and classical music are played in the background while belly dance is performed.

  • Belly dances and evening desert safaris:

Belly dance is only included in evening desert safaris, so book an evening package if you want to enjoy the belly dance and fire shows. Morning desert safaris mostly take you on different rides across the desert and miss out on activities like breathtaking sunset views, BBQ dinners, Emirati Bedouin camps where Falconry, Henna painting, and shisha smoking are common people love to visit them wearing the special Arabic costumes.

  • The time when belly dances are not held:

Traditional dance shows, including belly dance, are strictly prohibited during Ramadan. They are also not held during the special Islamic days as per orders by the UAE government. These breaks are far in between as the Islamic holy days are sporadic. Even the bars at the campsite are closed during nights in the Holy month of Ramadan.

What to expect?

When the tourists return to the campsite after enjoying a busy day and the colorful view of the solar set in the desert, a cultural show starts at the camp’s central stage. Chairs are arranged around the main stage, where tourists sit and treat them to different eatables.

Make sure you remain near the stage so you can get a chair near the performers when a call is being made to gather around. There is usually a rush of tourists to get the best seat nearby.

Belly dance is not the only one but a single performance in the long list of cultural shows. When you see it, you will realize that it is worth watching. This dance is performed by professionals who can mesmerize the spectators with their belly waving movements.

  • Belly fire shows:

Belly dancers also perform fire shows. They do different tricks with the file swords, and their professional styles are mostly shocking for the viewers present at the site.

These belly dancers also invite women to come on stage and perform with them, and soon it turns into a pretty dance party. While the drunk men are not allowed to get on the scene, and if they do so, they are deftly sent back by the women’s gang. This show usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the schedule.

Best desert safari Belly dances:

There are different desert safaris in the emirates, which surely make it difficult for the tourists to decide on one of them. We list all the best desert safaris and their dances to remove this difficulty.

     Belly dance in Sharjah desert safari: 

People visiting Sharjah can also book the safari package, which usually starts at 2 pm at noon and lasts for about eight hours.

     Belly dance in Abu Dhabi desert safari:

 It is the most popular desert safari in which you also get a pick and drop from your residential site. It also allows you to participate in other exhilarating activities of the desert, like a music show and BBQ dinner.

     Belly dance in Ras Al Khaimah desert safari: 

It is the second most popular after Dubai and Abu Dhabi desert safari. Here a camel farm is also located behind the desert, where you can book a camel ride of your choice to visit the desert and then enjoy dinner along with the belly dance at the campsite.

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