5 reasons why desert safari should be on your Adventure list

5 reasons why desert safari should be on your Adventure list

Dubai was developed with the oil wealth from its motherland, it exudes opulence. The young emirate is full of gleaming skyscrapers, architectural wonders, and entertainment and commercial hubs. However, the ancient desert and the conventional Arabian way of life are hidden under the flash and glamour. This region of the emirate delivers excitement, mystery, and the chance to learn more about Dubai’s core values. It’s your turn to leave your mark on the Arabian Desert now that so many others have done so. Here are a few justifications for booking a flight to Dubai and doing a desert safari tour!

In this blog, we are going to discuss the 5 reasons why desert safari should be on your adventure list.

1. The desert scenery in Dubai is unlike anything you’ve ever seen:

Dubai’s desert scenery is the ideal blank canvas for your creativity. Many photographers make use of the region’s brilliant sunsets and undulating dunes to create stunning images that are on par with desktop screensavers. As soon as the scorching sun casts a reddish hue on the sand that resembles Mars’ surface, you might even start to believe that you are on another planet. When clouds part to reveal a starry night sky, the desert is even more stunning.

2. You get to pick your own experience:

With so many activities available, the huge desert is your playground, and you will certainly have a wonderful experience. In this thrilling test of balance, automobiles race up and down a course of steep dunes. The next activity is sandboarding, which entails slipping down a rough sand slope while keeping your balance. Both rolling and tumbling are entertaining holiday videos. Horseback riding, camel riding, and quad biking are examples of extracurricular activities. Quad biking is fun if you appreciate the craziness of dune bashing. A guide must hold off the animal as you ride a camel or ride a horse to ensure your safety as you stroll about the tour grounds. These are more relaxed activities.

3. Arabian art and culture are quite old and sophisticated:

You’ll be taken to a Bedouin camp as night falls for food and entertainment. You may see Arabian culture in its spectacular, vibrant, and captivating pre-modern form here. Watch as brilliant young women spin their skirts to perform the folk dance Tanoura, belly dancers with snake-like hips hit the stage, and locals who can breathe fire demonstrate their mastery of the element. While there, you can also have a temporary tattoo on your skin using henna, a reddish-brown ink. Choose from a collection of designs or collaborate with the artist to make your own, then take in the work of art for a few days before it inevitably disappears.

4. At the limitless BBQ dinner buffet, eat like a king:

At a buffet for a desert safari dinner, two of the staples of Arabian cuisine are meat and zest. The campground has open-fire grills set up where you can have a variety of grilled meats to satisfy your hunger. While a social show is being planned, plates full of fresh natural items are prepared and ready, chopped into lumps for you to chew on. After a day of adventure and sunbathing, this buffet of Arabian delights is the perfect way to wind down. Finish your filling meal with some traditional Arabian coffee and pastries, or choose a shisha to soothe your bloated stomach.

5. A chance to see uncommon creatures once in a lifetime:

During your trip on a desert safari, get to see the falcon, which is the national bird of the UAE! In the UAE, training falcons is a traditional sport known as falconry. In Emirati culture, the practice of training falcons has been deemed a refined art form. Notably, this activity was previously reserved for hunting purposes. But, in modern times, falconry has expanded to include both cultural and sporting contexts. As a testament to its cultural significance. One can observe falconers taking their feathered companions on desert safaris to capture photos and showcase the birds’ abilities. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals to take a memorable snapshot alongside these majestic creatures of prey.

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